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 Our Story

Founded in 1981,Shinglong Artist Brushes(MFG)Co.Ltd is the largest manufacturer of artist brushes in China.Though we started as a small family run business which produced brushes by hand, our workshop now stretches over 24,000 square meters.We are producing more than 400,000 brushes a day.

Shinglong mainly produces medium and high quality brushes for supermarkets around the world, but we also offer customized brushes to meet individual business needs. Our brushes are made from environmentally conscious materials that are high in quality and last for multiple uses. Brushes are our specialty but we offer many more art and craft products.

Shinglong Artist Materials (MFG) Co. Ltd was founded in 2003. We have 130,000 square foot workshop. As one of the leading art materials manufacturers in China, our company specializes in professional stretched canvases, easels, manikins, palettes, art sets, and much more. Our products are proudly used in arts, crafts, hobbies, as well as advertising, decorating and schools.

Shinglong staff’s motto of “Best Quality, Lower Prices, Better Service” has guided us towards our goals and company growth. Our growth toward cutting edge technology as well as the knowledge we have gained over  two generations of family run management has helped us lower costs and increase quality. Please come visit our website for more details:www.shinglong .com  



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